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It's been a long time since I've posted here, something that I intend to rectify in 2018.

This year was incredible for me and although it seems like I've been slacking off on Brides Of Vampira, it couldn't be further from the truth.


Most of this year I've been hidden away in the bat-cave re-writing some of the core code to be super fast for VR, I'm running it on a 980TI and the current build is a blazing 120 fps, in fact I almost have it running at 60 fps in 4k! something I didn't think was possible in unity, but I'll go over how I'm doing that in another post.

Throughout the year I've had people asking about what kind of game Brides Of Vampira VR is going to be. A few weeks ago I got an Oculus Touch (such a well made piece of kit) and with lots of excitement I almost immediately began working on a Touch version of the game.

The first thing I'm concentrating on is locomotion, which is almost complete, I've decided there will be no teleport mode, which will put some people off, but hopefully at the same time will make a lot of people happy, personally I cannot stand teleportation in VR - it ruins the game in my opinion. You will be able to play in two modes - sitting down with just a normally controller or standing/siting using the full touch version with 360 room sensor, I'm pretty excited about the latter, because it feels so natural.

anyways soon I'm going to start running scientific tests on groups of friends to reduce the motion sickness. (sorry friends!)

Game play Demo

I've also finished prototyping the game play which has been a real challenge - I've spent a lot of time trying to make it work and I think I've nailed it although there is still much refining to do - expect to seem some videos soon.

I'm so excited for 2018 and still hoping to have a full demo ready to show off late next year, so if you're reading this sign up at the top right of the site - just need your email ;)

Talk soon


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